Detox, its become a word that is associated with our everyday lives. Its on TV, in magazines and on the radio, but what is it or better yet, what does it really do? Detox is the modern short for detoxification.

When you detox your body, you are removing the unwanted toxins. In earlier years when we didn’t know much about it, we associated detoxing with drug addicts or alcoholics. We also always thought that in order to detox, you had to do it from a center.

Now we understand better that it can also be a process to remove unwanted dietary toxins from our bodies. Its even great to remove toxins that  are associated with medications after surgery or that you may have had to take on a daily basis.

First. What are toxins? They are really anything that can harm your body, even those that are produced from normal cell activity like lactic acid and ammonia.¬† The body usually does a great job of cleaning your body naturally and on its own, but with today’s growing product selections of processed foods and cleaning chemicals its getting harder and harder.

Wait a minute, did you just say food was toxic? Yep, I sure did. The process at which packaged goods, such as cereal, chips,etc goes through kills virtually anything good for you. Your body takes what little nutrients it can, but then discards the rest as toxins making your body work harder. The best food to eat, is raw, natural, wholesome goodness.

Did you know that the liver, intestines, lungs, kidneys, blood, skin and lymphatic system all work together to get these toxins out? They transform them chemically to less harmful compounds and are pushed out the body, through.. you guessed it , the other end. But it can also be pushed through your skin in sweat and by eating healthy raw food you are allowing your body to detox easier.

By things such as stress, over-eating, an improper diet, illness and a sedentary life style, you can set your body on toxic overload! When this happens, like stated above, it hinders your body from being able to detox itself and can cause severe illness.

Detoxing by no means is an easy task though, even if its just for your health! Your body will go through with-drawls (and you will crave those chips for a little bit!) and it will feel really tough, but it is possible! You just have to understand that you are doing this for your health. With that being said, detoxing is not about starving yourself or trying to lose weight quickly. If you do it for those reasons, then you are only doing your body more harm.

Detoxing has been used in many cultures around the world, including Chinese medicine systems. It is about resting, cleaning and nourishing your body from inside out, about learning the functions of your body and help your body with a proper diet. Don’t forget exercise!

Detoxifying can help you from getting illnesses and keep you healthy, but its a lifestyle change, not just a 10 day diet. The goal is to be healthy and to help your body detox.