Many of us have heard about vegetarian diets either as a health kick, a weight loss fad or just a moral issue. A big question that goes through lots of people’s minds though, is it safe?

First I am going to start off with the fact that if you are going to eat more vegetables, then you need to get good veggies. But aren’t all veggies good? No, there are bad, moderate, good and great veggies! Bad veggies are GMO veggies and you want to avoid these at all cost, as studies show that they can lead to cancer and DNA alteration! Moderate veggies are regular veggies just conventionally grown. Which means that they are not messed with genetically and are grown with pesticides and herbicides. Good veggies are the best to get for your money which is organic veggies, they are becoming more and more noticeable and there are even some that are organic, but not “certified”. Great veggies are heirloom organic veggies grown at home!

If you are going to go all vegetarian then I would suggest meeting with your doctor first. I know I know, they aren’t so traditional anymore, but he CAN tell you if you are low on any enzymes or important nutrients. For one example if you are low on glucose-6-phosphate a broad bean can cause favism which is an enzyme¬† deficiency not to be taken lightly when mixed with broad beans.

If your doc says that you are okay or that if you can go ahead and go vegetarian but just watch for certain things then by all means make that choice for yourself. There are veggies to go ahead and avoid and there are veggies that you want to eat more of. A great way to get more veggies and to get the max amount of nutrients for them is to juice your veggies!

There is a large list of good veggies to eat but a few are cucumber, avocado, dandelion greens, tomatoes, and onions. If you go vegetarian it is a good idea to go ahead and eat a wide variety of veggies, grains, and dairy products. Make sure you always get a check up to make sure that nothing has changes and that you have no deficiencies in anything to avoid certain food. Most of all, make sure that you listen to your body an what you need in order to feel full, satisfied, and healthy. If you need meat don’t feel guilty or bad or anything like that, go ahead and eat it. A great way to feel a little better about eating meat is to fin local raised animals, that have no hormones or antibiotics and are raised and killed humanely.¬† As I stated before, just listen to your body and make sure you are giving it what it needs. If you have any other great ideas or some fun facts feel free to share them with us!


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