The lotus flower is absolutely stunning, vibrant and magnificent. We all love to look at the flower, but what is the leaf good for? Surely the leaf can’t just be good for nutrients to the soil/pond once the plant dies! Nope, sure i’snt! This amazing piece of the plant has many uses all varying in what they are great for! Its great in many ways and make sure you read all the way to  the bottom to fully understand how great this plant is for weight loss!

The leaves can reach a diameter of a whopping eighteen inches! They are collected twice a year in the summer and fall. When they are collected some are dried and some are processed into an herbal extract which is a great astringent! As an astringent, lotus leaf has the ability to stop bleeding, and is used to treat conditions such as blood in urine, blood in vomit, excessive menstrual bleeding.

Lotus Leaf Tea helps with anxiety, stress and, helping your liver to be healthy. According to Chinese medicinal history it invigorates the blood  and  stops internal bleeding for such conditions as blood in the urine.  Lotus Leaf Tea also helps with cardiovascular health because it is full of lots of great anti-oxidants and can increase coronary blood flow and lower blood pressure!

Lotus leaf is also great for fighting against ringworm! Thus meaning it is an anti-fungal!  So rub a little bit on those toes of yours if you are an athlete!

If you are looking to lose weight this leaf can be a great edition to your diet!  Studies have shown that this leaf can decrease the absorption of carbs and fats!! This wonderful plant will also increase your metabolism! Those aren’t the only things though! The lotus leaf is classified as a bitter herb and bitter herbs, trigger the production of bile which stimulates digestion. It also triggers hydrochloric acid and the combination of the two being triggered help ease flatulence!  Did you know that bile helps assists in the break down of fats?  Bile is also a liver tonic, weird huh?. When the lotus leaf works as a fat blocker, it breakdown current fat and prevents new fat by blocking of triglyceride formation. The lotus leaf extract is even used with l-carotene to help obese people start to lose weight in “professional” medical fields!

The lotus leaf also has sedative and antispasmodic properties which aid in digestion. It is also filled with Flavonoids and tannins which are alkaloids that are powerful antioxidants that protect your heart!

The lotus leaf can also help assist you in your current detox regimen!  You see the leaf has the ability of the extract to stimulate and tonify the liver and spleen! Its even used in some over the counter detox supplements!e.

The lotus leaf is an all around great part of the plant with is also  effective as a cardiotonic, anti-febrile agent, hypotensive, resolvent, styptic, tonic and vasodilator. So ask an herbalist or your doctor if its a great plant to ad to your regimen! Its beautiful flower serves as a beautiful flower to paint, smell, touch and its leaf is even better for you!


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