Have you ever tried avocado? This is one amazing piece of fruit and if you don’t know about it yet, I will let you know a little bit today!

Avocado is actually a fruit that is grown on a tree. The inside, or the pit, is actually a single seed for an avocado tree! The tree also blooms ans partially self-pollinates! The common avocado we see today is native to Mexico and the fruit starts to ripen when it is picked.  The oldest evidence of avocado use is dates around 10,000 BC!

The english name avocado comes from the Spanish word aguacate and the chain continues from there. Aguacate is from the Nahuatle (a word that is part of the uto-aztecan language family) word ahuácatl which means testicle, in reference to its shape. The Aztecs called this “the fertility fruit”

The avocado tree takes four to six years to produce the fruit. The pits, or seeds are usually started indoors.

Avocado is higher in fat content, which is great for your skin and hair, and is less expensive and more readily available than high fat meats such as fish. You’ll know when this fruit is ripe when you can push your thumb into it and it feels soft. If you’ve ever left an avocado out on the counter you will notice that it browns quickly, to stop this process you can sprinkle a little lemon or lime juice on it, which is also great for keeping guacamole fresher longer!

Believe it or not, avocados have MORE potassium than bananas! Eating avocados can lower your cholesterol, dilate blood vessels while blocking toxins, give you vitamins E & B and Folic Acid!

Avocados also have one other great aspect to them, glutathione. Glutathione is a specific antioxidant that is so diverse it blocks 30+ different carcinogens and helps to detoxify your liver thus putting the avocado in the cleansing food category!

So pick up an avocado today, try one on your salad, or grab a big bowl of guacamole and enjoy!

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