Now a days the honey that is in the store is diluted with either water, high fructose corn syrup or even fake chemicals. So what honey IS good for you? Raw honey! Automatically these days when we see the word raw we associate it with vitamins and minerals that are untouched and still nutritious! Raw honey is just that, unprocessed, unpasturized, and not heated! Honey is an alkaline-performing food and also is high in antioxidants! One of my favorite things to do is to put honey in my tea, or I even make a tea with just apple cider vinegar and honey!

Raw honey is great for a multitue of things! Its great for your immune stystem. If you are feeling a cold coming on start taking some honey everyday to help boost your immune system. If you are anything like me during the season changes then you get some crazy allergies going on during these changes! A great way to help your allergies during these times of the year is do the same thing as above, to take a teaspoon or so of honey each day and it will help eliminate your allergies!

If you get really chapped hands during the winter honey can help in this as well! If you get a cut or any other scrapes or rashes it can help as well! If you put honey on the cut or rash it will act as a natural antiseptic and help heal your cuts! During the winter for your dry hands, lips or anything else, put the honey on the areas. Once you put the honey on the areas then let it soak into the area for a couple of hours. In the end go ahead and wash off the honey and it will help keep your hands/ dry areas nice and healthy!

Honey has also been known to help many internal ailments. These include, high blood pressure, balance sugar levels, relieve pain, calm nerves, and even treat ulcers! Needless to say you can see why raw honey is so great for you and it even tastes more amazing! Make sure, if you want honey that will give you health benefits, to get raw real honey. If you know of a great recipe or way to use honey share it with us!

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