Every day our bodied are faced with tons of harmful things, but where do all of those harmful thing go to? How does our body get rid of them or how can we help our bodies get rid of them?

One great way to get rid of the toxins in your body is to do a juice detox! This is a healthy way to detoxify your body, but if not under super vision of a doctor it can be unhealthy as well. When you do a juice detox you want to go ahead and use all organic fruits and veggies. This is because you want to detox what is already in your body, not get rid of new toxins you may put in your body by not choosing organic veggies!

During the first day you will have an increase in energy, mental focus, and you wont crave junk food as much any more. The second and third day wont be easy as they are the bigger days for detoxing your body on the cleanse. You will have side effects throughout your cleanse, they should be mild, but if you experience severe side effects make sure to contact your doctor. You will get headaches especially if you are used to caffeine, like coffee in the morning, sugar and or salt. Sometimes you will get bad breath or dizziness and even frequent urination. The frequent bathroom stops is because you will be drinking more and more liquid. You will also experience fatigue at the beginning of your detox and lessening as you go, this is because your body is using more energy to dump the toxins from your body.

If you don’t have a juicer you can still do a detox, but your body is going to be spending more time on digestion than actually detoxing. So it is better to have a juicer so that you can get rid of the fibers and pulp and just get the nutrients.  It is also best if you make your juices fresh when you want to eat them rather than all at once. Fear not though, if you are not able to get to a juicer during the day and you need a juice, it will not hurt to do it once or twice.

Always make sure you break your detox slowly as you have not been actually digesting much food for days. If you eat too much solid food at once you can throw your body into over-drive and cause some serious problems.

By the end of the detox you will have clearer skin, relief from chronic health issues and all around better health.  Like stated before make sure you are under super vision of your doctor or get a check up by your doctor before you start and listen to your body. Share with us your favorite juice recipe!




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