Diet, a word that is now commonly in our everyday conversations. A word that makes most of us squirm.


  1. The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
  2. A legislative assembly in certain countries.

This is the actual definition from the dictionary. Its about what a culture eats, not necessarily what you eat to lose weight. We all use this word the wrong way instead of “the diet of people in Australia is different from the people of the US” we instead use it by saying ” I’m going on the so-so crash diet to lose that last five pounds”.

Before anyone should start a diet they need to consult their doctor to see what their nutrition needs are. Every person is different and there are many diets. There are diets such as vegan, and a lot of people chose this due to a personal choice, please see this page to learn more about it. Other diets are the atkins diet, south beach diet and even being a vegetarian is now considered a “diet”.

Diets don’t have to be torturous to lose weight. If you do go on them, make sure you integrate some of your favorite foods. Generally, its just a portion control and adding more vegetables to our plates that will help us lose the weight. Though most people who are dangerously over weight don’t want to hear the following message; unfortunately, losing weight a natural way with diet and exercise takes time. No matter what you do or what size you are it takes time, there is no magic pill or shake bottle that is going to get you to lose weight fast. You put on the weight over a long period of time, then you are going to have to take some time to lose the weight. That doesn’t mean that its going to take 1 yr to lose 50lbs. I’ve seen people lose 50lbs in 2-3 months, healthily. You just need to talk to your doctor.

There are “diets” that are a bit extreme and not good for your body. Take the Master Cleanse for instance, or the lemonade diet. This cleans/diet deprives your body of necessary nutrients for your liver to actually cleanse itself and your body goes into starvation mode. When you do this, you gain the weight back almost immediately. A great alternative to this diet is to do a juice “fast”, as you are getting all the nutrients that your body may need in the juice of the fruit and veggies. Doing a juice “Fast” will also help your liver get the nutrients it needs to cleanse itself properly.

Another thing that has become increasingly popular in the last few years is surgery. These are NOT good ways to lose weight and no matter what people, even doctors, say it hurts your body. By doing these surgeries you are cutting the size of your stomach which is a VERY dangerous thing.  You are limiting what nutrients your body gets naturally and what your body can absorb from the small amounts of food you are eating.

All in all the best way to lose weight with a “diet” is to talk to your doctor. Don’t get extreme and thing surgery is your only option, and don’t let your doctor bully you into it. I have personally seen dangerously large people lose weight without surgery at all and they have a healthy happy life. If you are looking to lose those 10 extra pounds, try a juice cleanse, you will feel healthier and think clearer,. BUT, always remember to talk to your doctor or a health professional first.