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The Lotus Weight Loss

The lotus flower is absolutely stunning, vibrant and magnificent. We all love to look at the flower, but what is the leaf good for? Surely the leaf can’t just be good for nutrients to the soil/pond once the plant dies! Nope, sure i’snt! This amazing piece of the plant has many uses all varying in […]


Oolong Tea Weight Loss

Oolong tea is my favorite tea. To get get oolong tea, it is let out to oxidize longer than green tea but less than black tea. Oolong tea offers great health benefits such as antioxidants, cancer prevention, increase your metabolism and even help you lose weight fast! To lose weight faster than just exercise alone, […]


Weight Loss

Ever been on a tight rope? If you are looking to have healthy weightloss, you might as well! Weight is a balancing act and sometimes a mathematical problem with calorie counting. We always hear about the next fad diet or these celebrities doing crazy diets to lose weight in 3 weeks. weight loss really comes […]