Apple Rainbow

Fall always reminds me of apples, I don’t know why but it always does. So I got to thinking, are apples just a tasty treat we can cover in caramel, or are they good for anything else?

Apparently the saying of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” holds true! Apples are considered a “cleansing fruit”. News to me, I LOVE Gala and Fuji apples!

Apples have high levels of pectin. If you look at jellies and what not you will see that pectin is used in them! Pectin is a complex carbohydrate, which is found both in the cell walls of plants, and between the cell walls. Pectin helps to regulate the flow of water in between cells and keeping them rigid pectin is used in jellies and jams as a binding agent. People who are suffering from loose stool or irritable bowl syndrome are often told by their doctors to eat whole apples or applesauce. By eating apples you are adding an extra thickening agent in your gut! Not only does it help you “go”, but it also helps clean your intestines along the way!

Pectin is most abundant in apple skins, so those of you who don’t like them are losing this great benefit!

These amazing fruits aren’t just good for “poo” problems they are great for cholesterol. The pectin in the apple binds to this allowing your body to dispose of it rather than let it keep building up. It also binds to heavy metals in the body and eliminate toxic build up.

Apples are a great snack, they are only 81 calories and packed with some awesome properties. Apples are also rich in calcium, iron phosphorus, potassium, B-complex and vitamins A and C!

Because apples are known for their high amounts of pesticides it is best to find organic apples. When buying organic apples you can buy them in a “bulk bag” from the grocery store for only $2-3 more!


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