So yesterday we talked about the first five foods that are terrible for your skin. Today I am going to give you the other five worst  foods for you skin so that way you will have a top 10. Did you ponder over the five I gave you yesterday? How can you change what you eat to improve your skin?
Additives, they are hard to get away from and even worse for your skin! Things like aspartame, red #40, and  artificial flavors are all  substances that should not be going into our bodies! They do not have any nutritional value and can create inflammation and histamine reactions! These chemicals can even be stored in our tissues because our body can not process them!

Take a daily supplement? Are you sure it’s any good? The really inexpensive supplements you can get at, say wally world, aren’t good for you at all! They aren’t made from actual food sources but instead contain allergens, fillers and hidden ingredients! If you take these everyday you are allowing your body to be exposed to them! Most supplements that are good for you will say ” whole food” on the label, a  lot number and an expiration date.  Also make sure that you account for the foods you eat in addition to the supplements, too much vitamin A and Zinc can dehydrate your skin.

As we all have heard, excess sugar is bad for you. Its not just bad for your internal organs its bad for your skin! Its a chain reaction effect, sugar can weaken your immune system which can cause an abundance of bacteria growth. When we have this over abundance of bacteria, our skin tends to get acne or other inflammatory conditions. Not to mention that if you eat a lot of sugar you can be more constipated and that can also lead to congestion in our skin. So in shorter terms, sugar creates more bad bacteria in the gut and more bad bacteria = more toxins which = bad skin.

Okay coffee drinkers, you wont like me for this one! Excess caffeine is bad for you skin. First coffee is a diuretic so it can dehydrate your body, and if you drink more water than coffee then your skin stays hydrated and healthy. Not only does it dehydrate our body, caffeine also stimulates the pituitary-adrenocortical response which leads to increased cortisol (Stress hormone) levels in our bodies. So in less scientific terms, by having more stress hormone levels you are accelerating the aging process, damage and thinning of the skin.

This one is just now coming out into the main stream media, gluten. Gluten is  protein that is in wheat and it is EVERYWHERE. Did you know that forty percent of adults have some form of gluten or wheat sensitivity or intolerance!? Most people who cut out wheat from their diets see almost and immediate response in their skin with it being less inflamed and clearer. You can get tested at a doc office for it, but you can always just see by eliminating it from your diet for a while!
So, if you suffer from break outs or bad skin try to eliminate some of the stuff in these two posts and see if it starts clearing up your skin!

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