Tired of having break outs? Got red skin or eczema? Maybe its your diet!  Your diet can greatly influence how healthy your skin is! Here are the 10 worst offenders that prevent you  from having healthy clear skin! worst offenders.

We’ve all heard it before, packaged and processed foods are bad for us, But why?  During processing living enzymes and nutrients are lost, by either the process or heat. So when you have a diet that is high in these foods, you usually have a deficiency in something, and it comes out in your skin. If you eat a better diet, your skin is better. Packaged foods usually don’t have a lot of water in them either so instead of having the necessary amount of water already in the food for proper organ function/ digestion your body needs to pull it from other places or water you drink.  When eating fresh/raw foods you are getting hydration that is essential to healthy skin for detoxification and regulation of oils.

Okay so in the 50’s we had this great idea of, everything new, including microwaves. Most of us know that when you microwave food you are killing nutrients, but did you know that by adding pesticides/herbicides/hormones you are killing nutrients too?? By eating organic foods you are getting 2-3 times MORE vitamins, minerals and trace elements! Non-organic foods can contain hormones, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and waxes. Which our bodies don’t recognize and in most cases cause an inflammatory reaction! The more nutrients, the healthier you and your skin!

Ever heard of the lovely mystery meat” pink slime? Well, that is another culprit! Meats that we have no idea what is inside of them, including animals pumped with steroids, growth hormones and antibiotics are affecting your skin! Most animals that we eat are meant to have an herbivore diet and aren’t being fed this, but instead stuffed with grain to make them fatter faster so that more can be sold quicker! We eat, what they eat! Since what they are eating is being processed through their entire body like us, we are in essence eating what they eat. By doing this we can get unwanted hormonal imbalances in our bodies, and  DNA alteration (if the animal eats GMO corn feed). With most people, if you don’t get enough fiber and water in your diet, the meat that you eat can also get stuck in your digestive system where they, for lack of better words, “rot” and add to the toxicity in our body. This can all lead to inflammation as well!

Dairy, yep, I said it! Dairy. This is because cows are fed hormones to keep the lactating year round to double their milk production.When we drink the milk or dairy products then we get those hormones too. Of course this is unless you get raw milk from a local farmer that doesn’t induce milk production by hormones and you can get cheese like this as well.  Conventional dairy consumption has been linked to acne and excess estrogen which can cause a myriad of health issues for both men and women.   In our bodies dairy is known to be mucus-forming, which causes “sticking” of bad bacteria and inflammation!
Okay, this is kind of a no-brainer, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, then you must not watch the news, or even commercials! Fried foods and hydrogenated fats can contribute to heart disease, poor circulation of the blood and a weakened metabolism! Since your skin needs healthy circulation and metabolism these are bad for you skin! Oil turned into oxidized fats at high heat and some even put off carcinogens at even 110* like olive oil! The vats you get your french fries from at restaurants and fast food chains have fats that are thicker and don’t detox from the body! All of these fats compromise your circulation and metabolism leading to a lack of oxygen in the skin, and slows collagen and elastin!
Tomorrow I will be going over the next 5 foods. Take some time tonight and see how much of these foods you eat and how you can cut back on some!

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